mind, blown.

do you ever get so psyched about what God is doing that you just can't contain it?

i just have to say... GOD IS KICKING SOME SERIOUS ASS.

confirmation is so freakin' awesome! holy crap, dude, God loves me a lot!

i pray pray pray that the people i care about will come to know God like i know him, and even moreso...

sorry to anyone who doesn't want to hear about Jesus-type stuff. it's kinda my life anymore, and i'm fine (even psyched) with it.


Hey Rachael, thanks for the comment! I just started reading your blog, and it's awesome! I think it's a great means to reach others and tell them about Jesus. I'll add you to my bloglist, so I can start following! Aubree
Rachel Ann said…
Wow. I just wrote a blog that sounds almost exactly like this. I am SO GLAD that God has taken you from the valley and is showing you the heights. Isn't He amazing? He is so amazing...

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