Wednesday, April 30, 2008

craft drunk and blogger sabotage

i wrote up a long, thought-out entry a second ago. would you like to read it? too bad... blogger apparently lost it somewhere...

i'm too tired to type anymore. here's what i made tonight:

wristlet for my friend emily

onesy for julie's baby kairos

Sunday, April 27, 2008

etsy excitement

i have been a sewing fool lately. last night my parents went out to eat, invited me to go with them, and i declined so that i could begin making items for sale in the shop. tonight, with much excitement, i posted my first two listings in my new etsy shop. here's what i made:

a cute appliqued tote bag

a cute "market tote" with a pocket in the lining that folds up nicely into a pouch.

i love craftery so much. i wish i could just quit my dayjob and sew all day long. i have tons of cute fabric just begging to be made into something useful!

tomorrow i plan on sewing some more, then getting my bike from eric (gas is ridiculously priced! i'm biking to work), and then going to church. then it's back to the daily grind...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

very exciting

thanks to this lovely lady, i learned how to sew a zipper tonight!!! i feel like i just got my driver's license!

lining and all! i'm so psyched.

tonight i bought a ton of fabric on sale. and it's all cute, nature-y inspired stuff. i also bought a bundle from a nice gal on etsy. now, i'm off to create business cards. i really hope this shop thing sticks, i'm really good at getting awesome ideas, diving into them 100%, and then letting the buzz wear off after a while...

warmer ways

spring is such a freeing time for me. it seems like every spring i have this huge urge to reinvent myself. two springs ago i swore off shopping in 'fashionable' stores and decided i'd shop only at goodwill... it sounded really good at the time but it didnt stick. anyhow, lately all i want to do is wear my short jeans (that are about 7 years old!), tshirts, messy hair, old sauconys (circa 2000), and a bandanna. haha, it's funny to me how 7 years ago this was the "emo" uniform, and now kids in high school think "emo" means crazy asymmetrical haircuts, tight jeans, brightly colored shoes, and t-shirts that parallel avant-garde design. so much has changed!

anyhow... warmer weather really does something in me. if i could quit my job, i would travel all over the country with dear friends and only bring what i needed. i would go to cornerstone! i would visit the folks at 'another way is possible', i would hit up greasy diners on the sides of dusty roads, i would go dumpster-diving to feed the homeless, i would plan adventures with friends, i would camp out of my car, i would make sure to finally see built to spill live, i would drive across the country to keep in touch with old friends, i would see the grand canyon and enjoy feeling very small, i would do a lot of things. etc, etc...


Sunday, April 20, 2008

sad news

my dear friend michelle's father passed away saturday. my heart is breaking for her, her family, and her little unborn birdie.

please keep her in your prayers as she is very pregnant!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

i felt the earthquake.

the previous week has been both stressful and enjoyable.

first of all, my jaw is getting better. the muscles in my neck however are still very sore. i feel like such a baby when i complain about it. anyhow, school will be done with on thursday for this semester (!!!) and i anticipate the muscle strain will relieve itself with a lighter stress load. i will have free time again! speaking of which...

i opened a shop on i already had an account for purchasing purposes, but i went ahead and made up a little banner to use for selling purposes for the time being- i dont have any good photo software on this computer, so i had to use paint, so obviously it is high-quality (sarcasm). i'm even thinking of making up some business cards. i had wanted to do something like this for a while now, but i just never had the time. i am hoping that school's ending will bring about more time for me to sew & create, and learn new skills on the sewing machine. so far i plan to sell a tote bag that i began last year, other tote bags with the fabric i've bought from sellers on etsy, and maybe some bibs. nothing much. i certainly dont plan on being very successful, but Lord Willing i might be able to make some extra money to use for the mexico trip, which i will most definitely need soon.

work has been crazy! i'm training a new girl who will eventually help me out, and that will be a blessing, but as for now i am still the go-to girl for everything else. no wonder i have a tight jaw!

some girls from church called me to hang out on thursday after my last class. when i finally arrived, they had grilled chicken and kebobs, rice, fresh fruit, and fresh homemade cookies. it was glorious. they insisted i wash it down with a margharita-flavored wine cooler. it was seriously the best meal i've had in a while. i'm definitely ready for more times like that. i was really especially blessed that they thought to invite me... i'm not exactly a social butterfly. but i am trying.

i am looking foward to the coming whirlwind of this week. a spanish presentation, two days off in a row!, a pilates class that i normally would not be able to attend, sewing gifts for michelle's baby, a geography final which means the end of the semester, and saturday is michelle's baby shower/josh's dudely cookout in eaton, to which i will be carpooling with other ladies from church. and the week after that, all i have to worry about is work! bring on the freetime!

as you may have heard, indiana experienced an earthquake yesterday. the funny part for me was when i realized it was a real, live earthquake, i bolted into my parents' room at 5:37am thinking that our house might collapse upon us (i was half-asleep), only to see my dad naked, coming out of the bathroom to ask why everything was shaking... good thing i slept in my contacts, they were so cloudy that i didnt see anything, thank God!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

la batalla de cuerpa

lately i've been quixotic. in a spiritual sense, it feels as though my flesh, the 'old man', is attempting a takeover. i am most certainly in one of those spiritual growth times and it is really becoming evident. i have always struggled with issues of anger and pride, and lately my eyes have been opened to how these issues had become ingrained in me at an early age, so much so to the point where i am not 100% aware of what i am doing anymore. i struggle with compulsive spending and laziness! terrible things that are so epitomizing of the world i struggle to live outside of today. as if those arent taxing battles in myself, my literal flesh is fighting me. i wake up from terrible, anguishing dreams to find that i've clenched my jaw all through the night. i have not had one day without pain in the last 2 months. everyone i know says i must be stressed, but i would beg to differ. most of us would argue that we are 100% aware of it when we are stressed out, right? i am handling job stress, i am handling school, i am trying my darndest to handle my finances, so why am i always so tense? it's a mystery...
on a brighter note, my spanish professor said something very encouraging to me. after i made a short class presentation in which i garbled many words and apologized much, my professor said "rachael, no te dudas! puedes hablar" (rachael, don't doubt yourself, you can speak). it was really nice to hear.
i am really desiring a true sabbath. one that does not involve me sleeping the day away.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

reaching back and out

i did something really dumb tonight.

every now and then i miss people from my past, so i'll look them up on myspace or whatever and try to see how they're doing, what they're up to, etc... well, i went so far back to visit the past that now my heart is heavy. old livejournals with old feelings, old online albums that accidentally got deleted (pictures gone forever!), old email addresses, old personalities,etc...

i'm such a creature of sentiment, to a fault. i find myself missing things i really shouldn't be missing. i look back at all the adventures i used to have and it makes me feel old and depressed.

at least it makes me want to make new memories to replace the old ones. i'm getting better at reaching out.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

photo explosion and much ado about updates

I've been busy. See below.

so, i have about 235890 friends who are pregnant right now. with the trip to mexico coming up, i am not able to buy as many presents for people as i'd like to, so i've been buying fabric and making lots and lots of handmade baby gifts. on friday, i gave a co-worker a couple of bibs with a more rock n roll theme (zebra print, skulls, bandannas) and a burp cloth that was considered "gender-neutral." tomorrow my friend Haley and i are hosting a shower for our friend allie (michelle- coming?), who is keeping baby's gender a secret. thus commenceth the making of many gender-neutral gifts for the baby, as pictured above. tomorrow should be fun, neither haley nor i have ever hosted a baby shower, so we'll see what happens. allie wanted something very low-key, so i ordered a cake and some pretty daisies as favors, and we'll have a pitch-in, all before church tomorrow.

speaking of church, things are happening! it's exciting. we now meet in a very old methodist church even closer to downtown, right across the street from the mission. very exciting. however, i unfortunately may have to skip church tomorrow in order to write a spanish paper...

today i booked a flight for cuernavaca. it was a very nervous experience. i dont normally throw down $700 for something. it made me realize, "holy crap, i'm going to mexico for a month!"

last weekend we celebrated mom's birthday (ours are a week apart) by going to Benihana! so fun! here are some pictures:

this is Jose, our cook. i should point out that my dad gets very excited at any opportunity to speak spanish; he's been trying to teach himself the language for a few years now. when he asked Jose where he's from ("De donde eres?"), Jose replied, "Japan, Mexico."

(Mom Terri, sister-in-law Jen, brother Patrick)

last night i went to first friday with eric, twon, jason, and mike. it was a lot of fun seeing people i hadn't seen for a long time. free food and wine made it better! it was a really fun night altogether seeing as how i hadn't really been social for the past year or so.

i must now prepare to write the above-mentioned spanish paper. do you want to help? answer this: what solutions do you propose to alleviate the negative effects of the immigration influx on the US healthcare system? (i know. i picked a really awesome topic... )