Monday, October 19, 2009

new buddy!

i may have neglected to introduce this guy:

this is my new buddy/nephew wyatt. my brother patrick and his wife jennifer had him right before we moved out east. it was bittersweet to say the least! my first nephew and i barely got to see him :( i get pictures of him occasionally but i definitely feel like i'm missing out.

things are finally settling down for us, praise God! our apartment is coming together although we still have a few boxes here and there. we make weekly trips to ikea, which is like disneyland for me... i am such a sucker for affordable swedish design! we finally got Maryland insurance for our car as well as the license plates and my driver's license, all of which was similar to a root canal in terms of fun-- i had to remove all the window tint from our car for our car to pass the safety inspection. Maryland is such a party pooper sometimes.

we finally made a new friend and he happens to live about 10 feet away from us! his name is Tony and ironically he is in a hardcore band that is actually pretty good. he and Eric have a lot in common and I'm thankful that Eric has someone he can chat with and go to shows with. now i just need a gal pal who likes crafts!

we have a promising lead on finding a church. i had checked out a church on my own that's down the street from where we live and although it totally seemed 'doable,' i just didn't feel that familiar connection. my friend michelle got me in contact with a girl in our area who loves her church, and that looks really hopeful! i think once we have a church family, we will feel like that last puzzle piece is in place...

i am totally in domestic mode at the moment and enjoying being married. i really like my new job- i do check-in/check-out for a group of cardiologists who seem MUCH nicer than the folks at the last job, and i've decided that even though i work more than i'd like, work makes me feel 'functional.' i've been cooking and cleaning and decorating and just enjoying "playing house." i get so much fulfillment out of serving people, especially my husband. it's funny to me in a way because that quasi-feminist side of me never really wanted to 'wait' on someone, but the spiritual part of me enjoys being the 'helper.' i really enjoy the dynamic God created between a spiritual husband and wife and i'm thankful that it somehow just makes sense to my otherwise rebellious persona...