i said good day.

today was the first good day i've had since march 17th.

i woke up early and went to take a test at school. did well despite the perpetual dark cloud that's been hovering above me for the past few days. came 'home' (i've been living with my pastor Danny and his wife Niccole for a few weeks) and intended to read/pray/fall asleep for the rest of the day when Niccole knocked on my door and asked me to go to Tea's Me (awesome tea cafe with amazing BLT's/pastor Danny's unofficial 'office') with her- can't turn down a pot of hot amazing naturally sweetened tea on a rainy day. we go. it's still raining and cold when we go in. we sit by the fireplace, drinking champagne oolong and munching our delicious sandwiches. i ask her advice about current life situations. she tells me some things i need to hear. we talk about friends, life, church, conflict ("carefrontation"?), hope, pain, vision. i get fed in more ways than one. i purchase some delicious vanilla honeybush rooibos and japanese cherry green tea. we leave, and it's still horrible weather yet i don't seem to mind anymore. we drive slowly through fall creek neighborhoods and ooh and ahh over cute homes that are for sale. we shop at ridiculously overpriced omalia's for meals for the week. we head home and decide to go to big lots instead. we look at cute furniture and garden things. niccole picks out a table for a craft project. i buy some lotion, some bargain-priced yerba mate soda, some soup, and more tea soda. i remember why i love big lots so much. we leave. we arrive 'home' to find a mysterious pink box on the dining room table- danny announces he has an amazing present for all of us from the flying cupcake- three cupcakes of different flavors, including my current favorite- red velvet elvis. danny divvies each cupcake up into three parts so that we can each sample. i clap my hands with giddiness and gobble up the not-too-sweet gourmet deliciousness and finish it off with a cup of my newly acquired japanese cherry tea. niccole and i make a run to the library where i put some books on hold for a research project. we return 'home.' all three of us together watch the chronicles of narnia and eat a delicious dinner of grilled shrimp salad with fresh tomatoes and clementines. i finish mine off with a dish of tart mango frozen yogurt. chronicles of narnia ends and i feel spiritually inspired. i decide to take an amazing hot bath and have some 'me' time. now i am here, having finished an awesome journal entry for today (both online and in my 'holy spirit journal'), with a hot cup of vanilla honeybush rooibos, ready to drift off into a restful slumber after some quiet time with the Lord...

ive said before that i fully believe that God speaks to us in very personal ways. i believe today was a true breakthrough for me, an answer to prayer, and a gift from God. the last few days had been difficult and i felt i couldn't see around current life situations- today i feel like i had my vision restored. God answered so many prayers for me today in so many ways that i cant even explain it... it just proves to me how much He cares about me and hears my prayers. I'm thankful to serve a God that loves me well.


elle + josh said…
oh my stars! is there really a cupcake shop in Indy now?! and wow. danny and niccole sound really amazing. I'm SO glad you have them. I got your letter and I'll write ya soon... josh and I are on the road right now and I'm typing this on my iphone!

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