Sunday, June 29, 2008

voy, vamos

on saturday i threw myself a goodbye party. more like a "im leaving for a month so come and hang out with me" kinda party. hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, watermelon, organic soda, and lots of cornhole! it was awesome. we ate, played many rounds of very competitive cornhole, and ended the night with an entertaining game of apples to apples. it was a nice way to see everyone before i leave.

allie, baby shiloh, and myself (aka the picture that launched a very serious diet!)

cookout boys
the brothers o'dell (alex and eric), conspiring in a serious round of cornhole

jason's cornhole method was very entertaining to me.

jenna and baby ryker.

i can't believe how fast this trip creeped up on me. i spent most of today packing and running some errands to grab some last-minute needed items. the rest of the week will be spent at work and doing homework, and trying to see a few friends here and there before i'm gone.

it's strange how this trip has brought about a sort of 'fork in the road' in my life... much change is on the horizon. i can hear God calling me to step out in faith, into the unknown... who knows what i may be writing on here in a month.

dios te bendiga!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


i can't believe how fast time is passing me by right now. it feels like so much has been going on, and yet it hasn't really...
work has been out-of-control! covering here, training there, overtime here... it's a lot of stress for someone to deal with and i'm pretty sure i'm not handling it 'properly.' stress has pretty much always been my arch enemy.
crafts are on a hiatus at the moment. while i still have visions of totebags/wristlets/wallets dancing in my head, i dont have the mental energy right now to do as much as i want to do, mostly because...
i leave for mexico in a week and half!
i can't believe departure is so close. i am very excited to be in a different mind space for a whole month. i am hoping their culture will help me to see my own in different ways, even though i am already pretty disenchanted with "America" at the moment.
speaking of which, i saw shane claiborne speak last night at the church i use to volunteer at from time to time. he stopped in indianapolis on his 'jesus for president' tour with the psalters. i always love hearing what he has to say. i think he could probably talk about anything and i'd be inspired somehow. it was great to see mike and allie, twon, brent, kevin and naomi, but the bummer of the night was that one of the psalters' lost his dog and we walked about the area trying to help him find it during the intermission, only to be told that the dog had been hit by a car :(
i'm having a cookout this saturday so that i can see everyone and have some fellowship before i leave. burgers, hotdogs, and some rounds of cornhole! sounds awesome to me.

Friday, June 6, 2008

bad weather magnet

i think hancock county must have some sort of gravitational pull of bad weather. we ALWAYS get the bad weather that comes through the state. so far we have been very lucky...

how about a craft update?!
adorable bibs
some bibs i made for a doctor i work with that adopted a baby last week

beth's bag, all finished!
beth's bag, my first custom order :) im pretty pleased with how it turned out!

camera case wristlet
this is a camera bag wristlet that i made for beth as well. it's really well insulated with some heavy duty interfacing.

good news on the craft front, my mom took pity on my craft explosion room (see below) and decided to clear out the upstairs living room, which we dont really use, so that i can set up a studio. it will be super exciting to have a bedroom that is not covered in fabric, pattern, thread, and other miscellaneous supplies.

it's much worse than this at the moment, and soon to be in another location!