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more adventurous

last week eric and i went to summit lake state park by ourselves. we had originally wanted a few people to go with us and have a big pitch-in/cookout deal and go swimming, but it worked out nicely that just the two of us went. his father has two kayaks which we borrowed to skim around the lake. it was nice to hang out in that context for a change, not so much pressure to figure out what's going on between us. my arms hurt so bad! i thought for sure i'd look like popeye the next day.

last night we had more fun as well. after shoe shopping and partaking of the lovely discount we get from whole foods, we jumped on his trampoline for a few hours. i can TOTALLY still do backflips! that felt awesome. we then sat on his couch eating ramen noodle soup and watching gattaca, which unfortunately was interrupted by my sudden loss of vision... migraine auras can have that effect :( eric being the gentleman he is kindly whisked me off to starbucks in my blind stupor and purchased two…

school daze

today was my first day back to class. i am going to be so busy! i dont know how on earth i thought i'd be able to take 13 credit hours. sigh. i guess the end is in sight, though...

i am so excited for fall! who's with me?!

cider, leaves, scarves... wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

oh re-invention

when i came back from mexico, i had initially planned on not returning to my previous job. when i went into the office to tell my bosses this, they offered to allow me to come back on a PRN basis, meaning i can go into work whenever i want and work as much as i want. perfect. so i've been doing that and trying to work in some rachael-time as well. i really have felt 'dead' in some ways for a few years... i can remember when eric and i first started dating, i had just started working this job. we would stay out 'til 2 (sometimes 4!) just talking and hanging out, having little adventures all over the city, and i'd go into work with 2 hours of sleep. sure it wasn't comfortable but it didnt mean much, i felt like i was having the time of my life. slowly but surely i lost that feeling, i began to "need" 8 hours of sleep every night, i began to come home so tired from work that i never had time/energy to do the things that i really wanted to do, the th…

i already know.

yesterday i went to a birthday party for my friend jason. we had a dance party (population 2-3), grilled out, had a bonfire, played whiffleball, and had a rad jam-out session comprised of accordion, banjo, and some other small guitar (they played 'king of carrot flowers'!). i had a beverage so i spent the night at eric's place so as not to risk getting a DUI (low tolerance!). when i came home this morning my mom asked me to go shopping with her, so i did. now my parents are out on their anniversary date dinner (28 years!) and i fully plan on getting a cheeseburger and fries from culvers (+ child-sized burger for d'arcy), renting "smart people" from blockbuster, and finishing the night off with ice cream.

go America! go unemployment!

i promise i will try to do something more productive and less "commercialist" tomorrow... living in Mexico for a month will certainly make you love your country in a totally new way.

etsy sweet etsy

i ran into this gal's shop once upon a time, and ever since then i enjoy checking in on her and her lovely girly clothes. i dont know what it is but something about her designs and her wording just make me feel all squishy inside, like i'm drinking a mug of hot tea in the fall...
(i kinda dont blame you if you're making fun of me for this)

here's her site:
ananya @ etsy

hope you enjoy as i do!

i'm home.

i came home saturday night. my head has kind of been a whirlwind for the last few weeks; there was a lot to take in and process and now that i'm home it doesnt feel real. it seems like this trip changed a lot for me- school, work, attitude. we'll see what happens. i feel bad saying this but i felt like i couldn't find God in mexico. for that reason, my little brain is especially tired.

i am looking forward to a very flexible work schedule, finding more classes to take, and both relaxing/adventuring.