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my life is incredibly boring right now. i can sense God trying to do lots of work in me, but of course my understanding is so feeble at times that i can tell i'm fighting it somewhat. normally my time is so occupied with so many things, but now that eric and i are spending time apart, i find myself restless and not knowing what to do on a saturday afternoon. today i chose to spend the day in bed, mostly because i could, with a book by beth moore about overcoming strongholds. it's probably a good thing i did too, because my parents were gone almost all day, so that gave me some time to get quiet and pray. it's hard for me to do that when my parents are home, strangely.

on a more positive note, i am trying to orchestrate a study abroad. i'd like to go this summer, and hopefully when i come back i will be a full-time student with a part-time job. if my plans continue as i hope they do, i will have a degree in a little over a year! that makes me very excited.

so far, i'm…

a real weekend for once

this weekend, i went nowhere. and i was very happy about it. i have noticed how good i am at cramming my schedule full of work, school, taking care of others, running errands, etc... and then trying to do things i enjoy as well, which i usually think means going somewhere on the weekend. well, this weekend i decided to just stay home and do things around the house, organize, clean, take care of d'arcy, eat pizza with parents... and even though it's terribly unexciting, it made me feel so productive. and less tired! it's so nice to actually relax and do whatever i want. i should do this more often...

today was all about organization and craft projects. here's two i finished today:
(crochet hook roll)

as you may be able to see, i'm not a very skilled seamstress. i like to call my work "sufficient sewing", because, as you can see, it may not be perfect but it certainly works. i'm too ADHD to iron seams and such!

here is a fabric grocery bag i made (go gree…

tryin' times

there's no question that God has put me in one of those life situations where he wants me to learn something. i am having a hard time with it to be honest, but at the same time i'm trying to see things more simply. i dont believe in patting myself on the back, but i do feel thankful that i turned out the way i did up to this point. i'm glad i've made such a turnaround in my life- i'm a much calmer version of the person i used to be. i have better morals, stronger convictions, and less anxiety about manifesting those things. i think everyone goes through those periods in life where they wonder how others will perceive them. i know for certain that i still do, but now i am much more comfortable with acting on my beliefs and for that i'm thankful. it definitely brings about a peace. i know it's a sign of God's hand in my life.
tonight was a simple blessing: eating pizza with my mom and dad, watching tv. i dont know how exactly to explain how it was a b…

miserability #2

so i got over the toothache, now i just cannot sleep... gah!
my brain is too busy. it has contemplated more craft projects, new books, scholarship ideas, weight loss programs, and the bleaching of my hair. i wonder how i would look as a blonde?

oh sleep, come quickly. what to do in the meantime... as much as i love vincent d'onofrio, CSI is not cutting it...

finally gettin' out on a saturday night

i think my tooth is finally getting better. last night i was able to go out to a party... my friends mark and ange are moving to ireland, and their going-away party was last night. a nice guy named joseph allowed our group to have the party at his home, which was an awesome loft, and the food was absolutely awesome. i tried to take pictures... i still havent figured out the new camera...

then my batteries died. probably because i spent a lot of the time fiddling with it and trying to figure out what i was doing wrong. i am thinking of buying rechargable batteries. after some discussion, it has been decided that a trip to the outlet mall in edinburgh will be planned for myself and at least 2 other ladies. i am excited! i can use the gap giftcard that eric bought me! i can always find stuff at the gap outlet. school starts again on tuesday. i may have mentioned this, but i purposely arranged my classes with an hour and 45 minutes in-between so that i would go to the fitness center and wor…