new shoes!

sometimes i get really excited about new shoes. i'm such a nerd.

tonight i found much peace through sipping chamomile tea, eating lemon poppyseed bread, and playing wordtwist- a game that is easy to get addicted to. its funny for me because almost all my life i've had little 'quirks' in my thinking...when i was little, if a song got caught in my head i had to hum it four times in a row before i could stop. i used to 'air type' words out in front of me. i used to spell words out in my head, one letter at a time, to the rhythm of songs on the radio. and now, thanks to wordtwist (brought to me by facebook), all those years of rearranging letters and words in my head can be put to great use. wheeee!

i think i will play a few more games before i go watch michael moore's new documentary.


Rachel Ann said…
Ever since I was little I would take a word (say, "Toshiba" on the television, or something) and think of all the words I could spell from that one word. I still do it in my head all the time, like playing wordtwist with myself.
jenny mae. said…
we should just have an ongoing wordtwist game methinks
rachaeldear said…
rachel ann- same here!!!
and i agree, jenny,
elle + josh said…
i love those shoes! they're keens, right? the orange or blue ones are on my birthday list.

i air-type words, too! & count out the letters rhythmically. & i love words with a divisible number of letters. i had a hard time changing my last name, because then my full name would no longer be divisible by both 4 & 5! i probably really sound like a freak...

josh is addicted to wordtwist, too!

we're all nerds here, but of the most interesting kind. that's probably why we're friends ;)
rachaeldear said…
i find some weird peace in that both my first name and last name are 7 letters long :)
and yes, the shoes are keens, they are sooo comfortable... i have some sandals of theirs too, i wore them all over cuernavaca...
i'm glad we're all so quirky (in a good way!)
Sharon said…
Great choice..! I love your shoes.

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