Saturday, May 31, 2008

rachael x corpses, reminiscing

warning, long story!

so i've mentioned this shop i have on etsy... it hasn't gotten much business really because i dont have a whole lot of time to put things up. maybe a handful of things. anyhow... this total stranger messages me and says she likes my bags and wants to know if i'd be interested in some custom orders. i say okay, and over a few conversations she asks me to make her a few different items. we politely chitchat over messages getting item details and colors and sizes and what not, and through all of this she casually mentions that she's in Pennsylvania but from Portland, and her in-laws live in Goshen (sidebar: i used to spend a ton of time in Goshen; my old best friends Sara and Erica were from Goshen). well, Sara had another good friend named Dave Moral, who moved from Goshen to Portland to Pennsylvania, so i think to myself, hmm, who do i know that has attachments to portland, goshen, and pennsylvania? wouldn't it be funny/ironic if this girl was dave moral's wife?

so i prod a little... turns out i'm right! sara and i were inseparable but lost touch over the years; she lives in washington now and i'm here in indy, and this girl knows both sara and another girl i used to be friends with, and knows them well! needless to say i've been reminiscing with her of all the fun adventures i had with sara- we were a couple of vegan straightedge kids in the hardcore scene, back when there was a vegan straightedge scene. we used to drive all the way to chicago for soul veg! we had vegan pitch-ins and would take road trips all over and stare at other drivers on the road until they got so uncomfortable that they would either slow down or speed up. we made up goofy things to yell at other people. we took sticker pictures in the mall. we tried to mail a frozen pie to a guy in oregon. we sang along to Good Clean Fun out the windows of our cars. we hung out at steak n shake at 3 am, followed our friends in bands around the midwest, slept on erica's floor, cut each other's hair...

i guess this was a really long way to say, "small world." I am always a sucker for irony.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

tuesday night review

after a three day weekend, i did not really want to go back to work today. but alas, i did. and it was not so bad.

i finally have a "greenfield" friend, and it is nice to have someone call me up and say, "hey, let's go to the coffeehouse and paint pottery" and then go. i wish i could be more bold in the social arena. "i'm working on it."

also, i got my first custom order on etsy! i'm pretty excited. i like being challenged to do new things and explore new skills.

things are moving along nicely.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

dia fantastico

1) just went to goodwill and purchased a bunch of vintage sheets, curtains, and tablecloths to upcycle for the shop


2) won a scholarship!!! so psyched!

i'll be in mexico in a little over a month! that's CRAZY.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

etsy, etcetera

i think my whole "etsy endeavor" has taken a turn for the awesome. to explain, i've always thought that God speaks to people in their own special languages and in ways that only they can really appreciate, and lately i can back this up wholeheartedly. first, i received an awesome book in the mail on saturday and i've been crazy inspired because of it. that same day, my friend allie bought a bag from me, and when i tried to just give her the bag instead of letting her pay for it, she insisted on paying, stating that she likes to encourage people in their dreams (i really love that girl!) in any way she can. she and her husband mike took some cards i'd had printed up and said they'd help distribute them and that i could probably sell some of my stuff at mike's shows (he plays guitar). super encouraging. later in the conversation, we were talking about how my job isn't guaranteed when i come back from mexico and that i may need to start looking for a new job. allie very encouragingly suggested, "maybe you can do your craft stuff full time!" i swear, when these words came out of her mouth it sounded like God himself talking through her. so the seed was planted then... which brings me to today. at my biblical counseling session, i told the lady i meet with about how i started a little shop on etsy to try and sell things i'd made to make money for mexico. out of the blue, she said the exact same thing allie did, and again, it sounded like God was talking! has anyone else ever experienced this? it gave me chills. it's true, i have always wanted to be able to do something creative and fun for a living, but i never thought i had enough skill or talent or drive. maybe God is challenging me to walk out in faith... a very exciting thought for me.

on to tonight... eric taught me how to do some linoleum carvings, so i gave it a shot and printed an image onto some fabric. this is what i came up with. i may use it as a panel in a tote bag for myself since it's pretty beginner-level, but i'm still pleased with it. hopefully one day i can print my own fabric by the yard!

i also made tags! pretty exciting for me.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

a good day

i tend to get fussy when things dont go as planned. it's silly, i know, but something about me kind of 'freaks out' when i plan for this or that to happen on a given day and then everything changes, on that day. i guess i feel kind of out-of-control in a sense. anyhow, today i had planned to do nothing but relax, do some sewing and get more things into the shop, and just hang out by myself (i'm a homebody for sure). well, as of yesterday, all of that changed. normally i dont like when other people make my plans for me or tell me what to do with my time, but today i'm actually finding it enjoyable. so far, i have made two batches of muffins and fruit salad to take to my friend allie who just gave birth last tuesday. i'm also planning on making a dinner to take to her and her husband later. eventually i will go grocery shopping for grandma and also to get the things i need to make allie and mike's dinner. earlier today i checked my etsy shop (now stocked with 7 whole items! thats a lot for a busy girl) and i have lots of people looking at items and saving them on their favorites, which is promising. and THEN, this happened: a few months ago had a sale on pre-orders, so i pre-ordered two awesome books and kind of forgot about them... until today. in the mail i received lotta jansdotters new printing book and sew & stow, a book with lots of projects right up my ally. so all in all, even though my day didnt go as i planned it, it's turned out okay.

i think that shows some maturity on my part...!!! (i'm laughing at how much i mean this and how ridiculous it sounds)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

a calm saturday.

a few weeks ago i tried to buy fusible ("iron-on") interfacing. i even asked the lady at the shop to sell me a yard of the "iron-on" kind, to be sure. after many failed atempts, i came to the realization that the lady sold me the sew-on kind, because today i bought a small package of pellon interfacing and it worked exactly the way the directions said it would. i'm even sort of excited to use it again! here's what i made with it- my brother and i are treating my mom to a spree at the clinique counter for mother's day, so i made her a new makeup bag:

here's the detail of the bird applique and the stitch

exterior and lining with green zigzag stitch.

i'm pretty pleased with it, and i really think the interfacing made a nice difference. hope mom likes it!

Friday, May 9, 2008


today i made my first etsy sale! to my friend amelinda in milwaukee!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

a new first

today, for the first time ever, i voted.

...i also got gipped on etsy!!
(did i spell that right?)

God's probably trying to tell me to chill out on the online shoppery.

Monday, May 5, 2008

an eventful weekend.

what a busy weekend. friday was first friday and eric, alex, jason, and i went to watch our friend emily walk down a runway in a dress made of teabags. then some of us ate a glorious meal of steak n shake.

saturday was julie's baby shower, which despite being windy was very fun.
julie's baby shower
please disregard my "skater" look. i promise i'm not in high school anymore.

sunday was awesome. i got up early and began sewing a new bag for myself, then ange, mark, and laura picked me up and we drove north to michelle's baby shower, which was probably the most awesome baby shower i ever went to.
michelle's baby shower
(michelle's mother-in-law, michelle's mom, michelle, some guests)
please note that we are outside and that there is a teepee in the background. a real one. it was awesome. michelle got some really amazing handmade gifts; i was blown away by all the creativity that was present. we also got to design either a bib or a onesy for her and the baby.

after the baby shower we headed over to another home for a cookout where the girls' group met up with the guys. awesome food and hang out time. when it got dark and chilly enough we set up a bonfire down by the river that borders the property.

so far that was the best day since the warmer weather began. i hope we have many more like it.