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sigh of relief

finally, all four finals are done. i got three A's and one B, the B being in math, which i hate, so i'm pretty pleased. christmas shopping is over too, thank God. i must say i'm pretty bummed because i had originally planned to make all my gifts this year but then i realized i'd be short on time due to school and had absolutely no idea what to make the guys on my list, so i buckled and shopped. oh well, i think everyone will be pleased with their giftings and that's important to me.

i'm feeling very pleased about school at the moment. i did some calculating and determined that, if i continue taking 4 classes a semester and take two classes each summer term (four in all) that i will graduate spring of 2010. this is a much more specific 'end in sight' for me, so i'm excited. it would be fantastic if i could somehow cram more classes into my schedule and finish earlier but i'm not sure i could handle the stress.

tonight eric and i are going…

carry through

despite much stress, i am still more or less "happy." i'm enjoying colder weather and the friends it brings- warm beverages, baking, homemade candy, fingerless gloves, presents, craft time, etc. last week we had our annual christmas party at work, and when i got my present, i couldn't tell if it was candy or fake vomit. one of the doctors assured me it was homemade peanut brittle, even if laying the sheet candy flat on the floor looked 'suspicious'... last night was our church's christmas party. for the white elephant exchange, i gave away my copy of Sister Act on VHS that i watched incessantly when i was about 11 or so. i got a crystal chip n dip on a lazy susan that i gave to my mom that had been through a few rounds of re-gifting. it was a fair trade.
i've been taking some anxiety medication to help with the clenching of my jaw, and thank God for that, because if i wasnt i might start to buckle under the sobering realities that flock to my hous…