great lake swimmers

a few months ago i realized after the fact that one of my favorite bands, great lake swimmers, had played in indianapolis. i was bummed that i didnt get to see them, but even more bummed that i am officially 'out of the loop' as far as what's going on in the music world (note: i typed 'music scene' and then immediately BACKSPACE- the word 'scene' leaves such a bad taste in my mouth).

my playlist as of late definitely reflects my more contemplative state. sometimes i get in these moods where only a few bands can really 'get me' and i end up listening to only those few bands. here is a sampling of my latest favorites:

great lake swimmers:
river's edge
rocky spine
changing colours

first aid kid:
you're not coming home tonight
jagadamba, you might
i met up with the king

reindeer section:
you are my joy

here's the rest:
page france- jesus
david byrne & dirty projectors- knotty pine
new pornographers- use it
american analog set- promise of love
bangs- i want more
riverboat gamblers- a choppy yet sincere apology
sham 69- borstal breakout

one of my degree requirements in liberal arts is to take 5 upper-level classes outside my major. fortunately for me, there just so happens to be a class on rock music in the 70's and 80's, aka, 'my whole childhood'- with my dad being a musician, i more or less grew up on this stuff! its a really fun class and right now we're studying punk rock, which has brought about a renewed interest in some of my crustier musical preferences- MC5, iggy pop, television, new york dolls, etc... can you believe i get a grade to identify these bands? now if only someone could teach a class on early 21st century emo... just kidding :)


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