1) i havent been to church in about 6 weeks. i actually really love my church and miss people there, but i've come to the realization that i have simply become accustomed to having too much stress in my life and that i need to take more "me" time. like a sabbath, really. stress is so normal to me now that i dont have the slightest idea as to what to do with any free time. i plan on going back next week. on a sidenote, i found out that a girl who i really liked no longer goes to our church because she felt like she didnt connect with anyone... i feel like i might be to blame for that in some way, and that bums me out. i also felt that way about the people in our congregation, and still do to an extent...
2) i really want to move to spain or south america. yesterday i talked to another interpreter at the clinic where i volunteer. he told me stories of how he'd moved to spain to teach english, no visa, not much of a financial safety net, and pretty much flew under the radar for 7 months. i'd much rather do it that way than deal with visas and what not. apparently spain isn't really concerned with americans.
3) i am thinking of opening an etsy shop, and selling odds and ends. i made some rice hot/cold packs for christmas presents this year, and everyone seemed to be really excited about them. i'm also making more and more jewelry, and if i can get my hands on some soldering tools, i will be able to do even more...
4) i really need to learn how to sew... like, properly. right now i do what i call "sufficient sewing", which to me means that it gets the job done. it's definitely not very fancy or 'clean.' hoping to change that.
5) i miss making music soooooo much. my dad broke down his drums and put them in the attic and apparently doesnt plan on putting them up any time soon. seriously. some people crave food, drugs, alcohol... i crave beats. hahah.
6) i'm sort of not looking forward to another semester. i'm torn between finishing college and continuing to live with my parents vs. working full time, possibly at two jobs, so that i can move back out. there are simply too many variables in my life at the moment.
7) my jaw is killing me. i think i have TMJD.
8) i keep watching reruns of Invention Nation on the science channel and trying to talk myself into getting a diesel car to convert to veggie oil.

and last, because it's sad and i dont really want to think about it but i have to eventually:

9) i think d'arcy is dying. i dont have the slightest idea for how to deal with this. i keep giving her supplements and puppy painkillers but nothing seems to be helping :( i almost wish she'd just go peacefully in her sleep sometime so that she doesnt have to suffer and i don't have to watch. i dont know what to do...


jenny mae. said…
veggie cars unite!! serrrriously it isn't that hard and it pays for itself!
rachaeldear said…
i know man... i really want to just jump in and do it but my parents aren't sold on the idea, and i'd have to store filtering equipment/etc. in their garage since i live with them, which my dad doesn't approve of... i'm still trying to come up with a game plan though. maybe i'll get a diesel truck and set up a rig in the truckbed?

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