christmas list

i had a hard time coming up with a christmas list this year. usually i say, "oh, just take me shopping", but the older i get, the more difficult it is for me to buy/want things that aren't really "useful." for years i have been asking for a moped. i dont think it's going to happen. and i tried wanting clothing/shoes/other nice-ities, but i just couldnt put my heart into it. SO. this is what i asked for:

1) a digital camera. yeah, i'm playing catch-up with everyone else technology-wise. i dont want or need a fancy one, just something i can 'document' things with.
2) craft supplies. i would love to be able to make more things. i asked for supplies to make resin jewelry and soldering supplies. i read somewhere that you can solder anything and in a very cheesy way, i felt inspired.
3) a rotary mat, for cutting bigger (!!!) sewing projects.
4) gift cards, so that i can buy clothes that fit and things i need.
5) a mini-fridge. really kinda 'frivolous', but i wanted a fridge for my desk at work and i dont need the dorm-sized one, so i asked for one of those fridges that holds about a six-pack.

that's all i can really think of. i asked for a few little things here and there from eric, like a custom-made necklace from he says he's cooking up a surprise, and i am clueless... but that's good, because he's getting spoiled by my family again this year. two big surprises, one from each parent, and a couple of cool things that i picked out.

i finished my shopping tonight (hooray!), but now i have a long list of craft items that i need to make for people. i'm trying my best to make more and more of my presents for christmas, and hopefully one day i can cease christmas shopping altogether. this year it was my goal to make at least one thing for each person on my list. i think the only idea i have for my dad is to make him a "shooting range target carrier." yup. basically a yoga-mat bag design made from camo pants. he likes guns and that's all i got. let me know if you have any better ideas...

i really better not make that.


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