christmas highlights 2k7

some presents:

as hoped, one of those lovely presents was a new digital camera. i am still trying to figure out how to use it as well as

christmas was awesome this year! i got so many things i didnt even expect. eric had an awesome christmas with us as well. we love to spoil him. he got a timbuk2 backpack for his bike riding from my mom, a chris markovich deck, a lomography oktomat camera, some clothes from my mom and a hat, some ipod accessories, a "love your enemy" shirt from another world is possible, an electric razor (practical of me), a dremel set from my dad, some stocking stuffers, and last but not least... my dad built him a letterpress! i think he enjoyed his christmas with us.

i wish i'd taken pictures of some of the presents i made this year... i made my grandma a set of stationery, made jen (my sister-in-law) a heat pack for her neck, made picture frames for ladies at work, and a ton of homemade candy. next year i hope to make the majority of the presents i give to others.

merry christmas, hermanos y hermanas :)


elle & josh said…
gasp! i love the bird dress/apron! & find me on flickr when you get some photos with your new camera posted!

hope to see you guys soon! maybe at the jan. 4 music thing at joseph lehner's?
rachaeldear said…
i knew you'd like that, yay for bird prints! and i will for sure see you on the 4th, if you're there.

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