a day off!

i have had a lot on my plate lately it seems. last week was non-stop, go-go-go for me. school, work, volunteering, homework, grandma, etc... i literally had no downtime. even sleep seemed a chore. yesterday, i had a full schedule of going to work in the morning, going to pay grandma's rent after work, going to counseling, going to classes, and going to speech night, which put me out of the house for nearly 14 hours straight. i woke up yesterday already feeling stressed, so when my car did not start before work, i flipped out a little as you might imagine. by the time i got to work, i was in panic mode. i flipped out a little more at work and cried for about 2 minutes. some very nice ladies i work with calmed me down. afterwards, however, one of those very nice ladies was more or less fired. it was a bummer for sure.

anyhow, the day went fine after i calmed myself down and got it together. i tend to get overwhelmed easily but the ladies who counsel me are helping me to understand that more and have more control over it.

so, today being my day off, what did i do to celebrate?

i shopped... 'til my feet hurt, even.

i try my best to not be the typical, materialism-driven American. however, i must say that spending money on others is very therapeutic. i think Christmas is my favorite holiday because it gives me an excuse to spend lots of money on other people. thanks be to God for providing me with money to spend on others! in fact, i often fantasize about winning the lottery. what a fun time i would have spending lavish amounts of money on the down-and-out. i would take homeless people out to fancy dinners, get them places to live, pay for some kids to go to college, pay off my parents' house, pay off others' debts, buy people cars... man, i'd have a ball. i do have to confess that i would probably buy myself a toyota prius first. that way i would have reliable transportation (unlike my current car) in order to be able to do all those other things.

Trump, i hope you're readin' this!


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