"winter shoes"

lately i've been trying to find more sensible shoes. it makes me feel old saying this, but i have chronic foot pain and nearly every pair of shoes i own hurts my feet after 3-4 hours or wear. i've been reluctant to admit it but the more cheaply-made the shoes is, the more it hurts my feet. this makes me sad because like most girls i enjoy cute, inexpensive shoes. so... yesterday i ordered these keens in dark mossy green through a shoestore in indy:

i have always been a sucker for mary janes. in fact when shopping with my mom, if i'm checking out a pair of mary janes, mom will say, "don't you think you have enough mary janes?" oh well. this company makes really comfortable and well-made shoes so i think it's worth it. i might even buy some boots of theirs. we'll see what winter brings.

i really should start getting rid of all the shoes that cause me problems, but then i'd have barely any shoes left :(


Blythe said…
Love the color of this shoes!! I prefer to wear comfortable shoes which got from Tillys...

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