identity, church, cherry vanilla cream soda

amidst all this sadness running amuck in my head, God is gently trying to remind me who i am in Him. this is something i have struggled with actually for many years. tonight i was reminded that i am a creative individual with a unique view of the world... it's been a while since i've felt any sort of crafty inspiration. i'm thankful for it. i'm also thankful in understanding what it means to find my identity in Christ rather than by wordly definitions... hopefully that will get easier.

the other day d'arcy did the cutest thing. so you've heard of the crazy cat lady? well, i'm gonna be the crazy dog lady and post pictures of my dog. sorry. feel free to caption it and send it to ''.

so d'arce being an ol' lady dog hasn't been feeling well, and on one particularly painful day for her, i found her like this- curled up in her bed with her 'baby' under her arm. my heart broke and i gave her some pain meds and a cookie.

on tuesday my good friends mark and ange moved to ireland. i am happy for them but sad in their absence. a week or so ago we had one last hurrah at the claddaugh, an irish pub in indy:

i really like how things are going with our church. i'm excited to see what will happen.

one last picture... this is what i had for lunch the other day:

homemade chili with locally grown ground chuck, sweet cornbread, and cherry vanilla cream soda- my newest addiction. praise God that my boyfriend is a manager at whole foods!


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