food and beverage geekery/at peace while eating

i'm such a nerd. lately i get such a kick out of food/beverage containers. a few weeks ago eric bought me one of these with his whole foods discount:

mine is just like this but silver with a black cap. it's huge! it makes me feel like i'm going camping whenever i carry it with me.

today i bought this:

i was actually hoping for something a little fancier than this one, but i was impressed by its ability to keep food hot for 7 hours. i'm excited to be able to use this and actually take something "dinner-esque" to eat between my classes at school. it's either that or max out my student account at the food court...

i realize this may make me totally nerdy, but i actually feel inspired when i buy stuff like this. like one day i might just pack up some soup and a sandwich and my fancy sigg bottle and hop on my bike and take a mini-adventure. i've noticed that eating a packed lunch by myself is actually one of the most peaceful, enjoyable moments i've had in a while. recently i've been packing cut fruit and either chicken salad in a kit or a sandwich and eating in my car, and the downtime seems to do immeasurable good for my mood. it's strange to me, but good! usually when i need to eat while i'm out, i go through a drive-thru or eat in a busy food court at school, and both 1) my food choices are unhealthy, and 2) my attention is not at all on my food. both are bad for me in the end.

now i think i might be obsessed with making chili. an awesome fall food!


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