officially the anti-christ

with all this talk about The Way lately, i was kinda intrigued by a program on TV tonight about cults and brainwashing. has anyone heard of Growing in Grace Ministries? scariest thing ever! this guy believes he has "Jesus' mind", has his followers tattooing 666 on their forearms (because "religion" has been lying to us for years about its significance), has people doing whatever he asks, and has no problem saying that he's done more miracles than Jesus Christ. the sad thing is the number of followers he has... bright, charming young people who've bought into it. it really broke my heart and took my breath away. deception is something that really gets to me lately and this may take the cake.


Rachel Ann said…
Hey...I found your blog because in a moment of extreme boredom I started clicking on the musical interests section of my blog profile to see who liked what music I had mewithoutYou down, and your name was Rachael, so I was like, "Heck yeah! I'm gonna check out that bad boy blog!" I like your blog. I like the way you think. ALSO, based on your musical taste and your view of Christ, I think you would like this band called Said Sower ( I discovered them about six months ago, and they're amazing.

Anyway, I'm gonna bookmark your blog and read it from time to time if you don't mind. Peace out, sistah.
rachaeldear said…
thanks for the feedback! i'll go check out the band's site too :)
(my name is ALSO rachael ann...!)

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