Wednesday, April 23, 2008

warmer ways

spring is such a freeing time for me. it seems like every spring i have this huge urge to reinvent myself. two springs ago i swore off shopping in 'fashionable' stores and decided i'd shop only at goodwill... it sounded really good at the time but it didnt stick. anyhow, lately all i want to do is wear my short jeans (that are about 7 years old!), tshirts, messy hair, old sauconys (circa 2000), and a bandanna. haha, it's funny to me how 7 years ago this was the "emo" uniform, and now kids in high school think "emo" means crazy asymmetrical haircuts, tight jeans, brightly colored shoes, and t-shirts that parallel avant-garde design. so much has changed!

anyhow... warmer weather really does something in me. if i could quit my job, i would travel all over the country with dear friends and only bring what i needed. i would go to cornerstone! i would visit the folks at 'another way is possible', i would hit up greasy diners on the sides of dusty roads, i would go dumpster-diving to feed the homeless, i would plan adventures with friends, i would camp out of my car, i would make sure to finally see built to spill live, i would drive across the country to keep in touch with old friends, i would see the grand canyon and enjoy feeling very small, i would do a lot of things. etc, etc...


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