photo explosion and much ado about updates

I've been busy. See below.

so, i have about 235890 friends who are pregnant right now. with the trip to mexico coming up, i am not able to buy as many presents for people as i'd like to, so i've been buying fabric and making lots and lots of handmade baby gifts. on friday, i gave a co-worker a couple of bibs with a more rock n roll theme (zebra print, skulls, bandannas) and a burp cloth that was considered "gender-neutral." tomorrow my friend Haley and i are hosting a shower for our friend allie (michelle- coming?), who is keeping baby's gender a secret. thus commenceth the making of many gender-neutral gifts for the baby, as pictured above. tomorrow should be fun, neither haley nor i have ever hosted a baby shower, so we'll see what happens. allie wanted something very low-key, so i ordered a cake and some pretty daisies as favors, and we'll have a pitch-in, all before church tomorrow.

speaking of church, things are happening! it's exciting. we now meet in a very old methodist church even closer to downtown, right across the street from the mission. very exciting. however, i unfortunately may have to skip church tomorrow in order to write a spanish paper...

today i booked a flight for cuernavaca. it was a very nervous experience. i dont normally throw down $700 for something. it made me realize, "holy crap, i'm going to mexico for a month!"

last weekend we celebrated mom's birthday (ours are a week apart) by going to Benihana! so fun! here are some pictures:

this is Jose, our cook. i should point out that my dad gets very excited at any opportunity to speak spanish; he's been trying to teach himself the language for a few years now. when he asked Jose where he's from ("De donde eres?"), Jose replied, "Japan, Mexico."

(Mom Terri, sister-in-law Jen, brother Patrick)

last night i went to first friday with eric, twon, jason, and mike. it was a lot of fun seeing people i hadn't seen for a long time. free food and wine made it better! it was a really fun night altogether seeing as how i hadn't really been social for the past year or so.

i must now prepare to write the above-mentioned spanish paper. do you want to help? answer this: what solutions do you propose to alleviate the negative effects of the immigration influx on the US healthcare system? (i know. i picked a really awesome topic... )


elle & josh said…
sad i missed allie's shower! i'm sure you & haley made it very special & fun. josh & i were up at jpusa for the weekend...
beautiful bibs!
rachaeldear said…
thank you :) see you soon!
jenny mae. said…
gah those are so cute!

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