two good things

1) i studied really hard (all night) for a geography exam that i had to take last tuesday. i got a 554 out of 600 (a weird scale!) which equals out to an A. the weird thing is, i studied with the girl who set the curve- she got a 596 out of 600! jeeeeez.

2) yesterday i took d'arcy to the vet for a check-up and she just happened to be sick also. so the vet took her temperature and checked her out- she had a fever of 104.9 and her heart rate was 180. the vet really really wanted me to admit her overnight for a few nights to get some IV fluids into her system, but my family and i just couldn't afford it, so we went with the more conservative option of putting her an antibiotic in pill form and we gave her a bath when we got home. we were all really upset and the plan was to take her back to the vet this morning so that she could get 6 hours of IV's to try and break the fever. well, when we took her in to the vet this morning, her fever had dropped to 99.6! sooo much better. and no IV's, just some monitoring.

crisis averted! Thank you God for keeping my dog healthy!


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