look what i got!

so i hate opening the mail. it's always bills and credit card offers and miscellaneous stuff that i'm not interested in. i let it pile up for months at a time on my desk until i dont have any desk left, then i'll sit down one day and open everything and divide it into either a) the trash pile, or b) the 'shred' pile.

today was that day. i got up this morning, began opening piles upon piles of health insurance crap, credit card offers that i'll never consider, bank statements that i'd already seen online, etc...

then i got to a big manila envelope from IUPUI. i thought it was probably an advertisement or newsletter or something i should probably just throw away, but i openend it anyway, and this is what i found:

aaah! who would've thought? i screamed "oh my God" a few times and then ran into my mom's bathroom to show her even though she was mid-shower. i've never EVER been on the dean's list before, not even close!!!

maybe i will start opening the mail more often.


elle & josh said…
awesome! congratulations, rachael!

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