... and thus commenceth thy food dehydrator experimentation.

i have apple chips, banana chips, orange rind, and orange slices on this batch. over the weekend i did a preliminary test batch of banana chips and apple chips which turned out awesome despite my choice to forgo any pre-treatment; the owner's manual suggests dipping the fruit in lemon juice or some other chemical type mixtures to help the fruit keep its color and taste but i skipped that and everything turned out awesome. this batch is for a co-worker's birthday tomorrow; she is my fellow natural-food enthusiast so i am excited to bless her with something hand made yet edible.

in other news, i've organized a clothing drive at work to benefit "Dress for Success," a group that gives disadvantaged women free professional attire to help them secure employment.

it's been really awesome to have something motivate me from the mundane mood i've been in :)


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