tryin' times

there's no question that God has put me in one of those life situations where he wants me to learn something. i am having a hard time with it to be honest, but at the same time i'm trying to see things more simply. i dont believe in patting myself on the back, but i do feel thankful that i turned out the way i did up to this point. i'm glad i've made such a turnaround in my life- i'm a much calmer version of the person i used to be. i have better morals, stronger convictions, and less anxiety about manifesting those things. i think everyone goes through those periods in life where they wonder how others will perceive them. i know for certain that i still do, but now i am much more comfortable with acting on my beliefs and for that i'm thankful. it definitely brings about a peace. i know it's a sign of God's hand in my life.
tonight was a simple blessing: eating pizza with my mom and dad, watching tv. i dont know how exactly to explain how it was a blessing, but it was.


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