a real weekend for once

this weekend, i went nowhere. and i was very happy about it. i have noticed how good i am at cramming my schedule full of work, school, taking care of others, running errands, etc... and then trying to do things i enjoy as well, which i usually think means going somewhere on the weekend. well, this weekend i decided to just stay home and do things around the house, organize, clean, take care of d'arcy, eat pizza with parents... and even though it's terribly unexciting, it made me feel so productive. and less tired! it's so nice to actually relax and do whatever i want. i should do this more often...

today was all about organization and craft projects. here's two i finished today:

(crochet hook roll)

as you may be able to see, i'm not a very skilled seamstress. i like to call my work "sufficient sewing", because, as you can see, it may not be perfect but it certainly works. i'm too ADHD to iron seams and such!

here is a fabric grocery bag i made (go green! no more plastic bags!). it's the FIRST time i ever tried using appliques, and as you can tell it's very "beginner." i still like it because it's useful and i made it. now that i know that you're supposed to use interface with appliques, my next attempt may be better.

like i said... beginner!
thank you God for allowing me to grow, even if i am fighting it somehow.


jenny mae. said…
i know nothing of sewing but i luff it

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