miserability #2

so i got over the toothache, now i just cannot sleep... gah!
my brain is too busy. it has contemplated more craft projects, new books, scholarship ideas, weight loss programs, and the bleaching of my hair. i wonder how i would look as a blonde?

oh sleep, come quickly. what to do in the meantime... as much as i love vincent d'onofrio, CSI is not cutting it...


jenny mae. said…
if i believed in polygamy vincent d'onofrio would totally be my second husband. except in full metal jacket and the cell. those are just unlovable on so many levels.
rachaeldear said…
i still cant believe that was him in the cell! that creepy look in his eyes sometimes haunts me in flashbacks while watching CSI.
jenny mae. said…
you mean law & order: CI?

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