Wednesday, August 13, 2008

oh re-invention

when i came back from mexico, i had initially planned on not returning to my previous job. when i went into the office to tell my bosses this, they offered to allow me to come back on a PRN basis, meaning i can go into work whenever i want and work as much as i want. perfect. so i've been doing that and trying to work in some rachael-time as well. i really have felt 'dead' in some ways for a few years... i can remember when eric and i first started dating, i had just started working this job. we would stay out 'til 2 (sometimes 4!) just talking and hanging out, having little adventures all over the city, and i'd go into work with 2 hours of sleep. sure it wasn't comfortable but it didnt mean much, i felt like i was having the time of my life. slowly but surely i lost that feeling, i began to "need" 8 hours of sleep every night, i began to come home so tired from work that i never had time/energy to do the things that i really wanted to do, the things that made me feel 'alive.' living with your parents can have that affect as well. so, to summarize, after 2 years of working 40 hours a week (and then some) as well as balancing school... i feel like i dont know myself anymore. i used to love doing so many things, things that almost defined me in a sense. now i feel lost sometimes. does this happen to everyone? i'm not sure this is what God had in mind...

anyhow... today i made beer bread from a recipe in my ol' "How it all vegan" cookbook. turned out nice. I also made a chicken pot pie for my parents to eat for dinner. i plan on making salsa and jam from goods i plan to buy at the farmer's market. eric and i are going to see sigur ros in detroit next month. i plan on camping out within the next few weeks at a campground near my house. i'd also like to go swimming at a lake in a nearby state park soon if the weather permits. i hope to visit my friend kathryn in her new apartment down in bloomington (how i miss bloomington in the fall!!). yes, i have many things on my mind.

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