i already know.

yesterday i went to a birthday party for my friend jason. we had a dance party (population 2-3), grilled out, had a bonfire, played whiffleball, and had a rad jam-out session comprised of accordion, banjo, and some other small guitar (they played 'king of carrot flowers'!). i had a beverage so i spent the night at eric's place so as not to risk getting a DUI (low tolerance!). when i came home this morning my mom asked me to go shopping with her, so i did. now my parents are out on their anniversary date dinner (28 years!) and i fully plan on getting a cheeseburger and fries from culvers (+ child-sized burger for d'arcy), renting "smart people" from blockbuster, and finishing the night off with ice cream.

go America! go unemployment!

i promise i will try to do something more productive and less "commercialist" tomorrow... living in Mexico for a month will certainly make you love your country in a totally new way.


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