Monday, August 25, 2008

more adventurous

last week eric and i went to summit lake state park by ourselves. we had originally wanted a few people to go with us and have a big pitch-in/cookout deal and go swimming, but it worked out nicely that just the two of us went. his father has two kayaks which we borrowed to skim around the lake. it was nice to hang out in that context for a change, not so much pressure to figure out what's going on between us. my arms hurt so bad! i thought for sure i'd look like popeye the next day.

last night we had more fun as well. after shoe shopping and partaking of the lovely discount we get from whole foods, we jumped on his trampoline for a few hours. i can TOTALLY still do backflips! that felt awesome. we then sat on his couch eating ramen noodle soup and watching gattaca, which unfortunately was interrupted by my sudden loss of vision... migraine auras can have that effect :( eric being the gentleman he is kindly whisked me off to starbucks in my blind stupor and purchased two(!) venti mint mocha chip frappuccinos for the two of us in an effort to ward off the impending migraine. what a guy to spend $10 on two beverages! the rest of the night was spent sipping said beverages, watching episodes of flight of the conchords, and having much needed conversation.

as a result of the caffeine bolus, i only got about 2 hours of sleep... and now i have to go to class. bummer. better get another mint mocha chip frappuccino (light of course, to save on the calories) to get me there.

here's to sleeping the rest of the evening away!


jenny mae. said...

i hate that caffeine is a deterent of headaches like that. it's like, on one hand you just want to conk out but on the other it helps!

rachaeldear said...

yeah, it worked wonders that night! and was delicious.