Saturday, May 31, 2008

rachael x corpses, reminiscing

warning, long story!

so i've mentioned this shop i have on etsy... it hasn't gotten much business really because i dont have a whole lot of time to put things up. maybe a handful of things. anyhow... this total stranger messages me and says she likes my bags and wants to know if i'd be interested in some custom orders. i say okay, and over a few conversations she asks me to make her a few different items. we politely chitchat over messages getting item details and colors and sizes and what not, and through all of this she casually mentions that she's in Pennsylvania but from Portland, and her in-laws live in Goshen (sidebar: i used to spend a ton of time in Goshen; my old best friends Sara and Erica were from Goshen). well, Sara had another good friend named Dave Moral, who moved from Goshen to Portland to Pennsylvania, so i think to myself, hmm, who do i know that has attachments to portland, goshen, and pennsylvania? wouldn't it be funny/ironic if this girl was dave moral's wife?

so i prod a little... turns out i'm right! sara and i were inseparable but lost touch over the years; she lives in washington now and i'm here in indy, and this girl knows both sara and another girl i used to be friends with, and knows them well! needless to say i've been reminiscing with her of all the fun adventures i had with sara- we were a couple of vegan straightedge kids in the hardcore scene, back when there was a vegan straightedge scene. we used to drive all the way to chicago for soul veg! we had vegan pitch-ins and would take road trips all over and stare at other drivers on the road until they got so uncomfortable that they would either slow down or speed up. we made up goofy things to yell at other people. we took sticker pictures in the mall. we tried to mail a frozen pie to a guy in oregon. we sang along to Good Clean Fun out the windows of our cars. we hung out at steak n shake at 3 am, followed our friends in bands around the midwest, slept on erica's floor, cut each other's hair...

i guess this was a really long way to say, "small world." I am always a sucker for irony.

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