a good day

i tend to get fussy when things dont go as planned. it's silly, i know, but something about me kind of 'freaks out' when i plan for this or that to happen on a given day and then everything changes, on that day. i guess i feel kind of out-of-control in a sense. anyhow, today i had planned to do nothing but relax, do some sewing and get more things into the shop, and just hang out by myself (i'm a homebody for sure). well, as of yesterday, all of that changed. normally i dont like when other people make my plans for me or tell me what to do with my time, but today i'm actually finding it enjoyable. so far, i have made two batches of muffins and fruit salad to take to my friend allie who just gave birth last tuesday. i'm also planning on making a dinner to take to her and her husband later. eventually i will go grocery shopping for grandma and also to get the things i need to make allie and mike's dinner. earlier today i checked my etsy shop (now stocked with 7 whole items! thats a lot for a busy girl) and i have lots of people looking at items and saving them on their favorites, which is promising. and THEN, this happened: a few months ago amazon.com had a sale on pre-orders, so i pre-ordered two awesome books and kind of forgot about them... until today. in the mail i received lotta jansdotters new printing book and sew & stow, a book with lots of projects right up my ally. so all in all, even though my day didnt go as i planned it, it's turned out okay.

i think that shows some maturity on my part...!!! (i'm laughing at how much i mean this and how ridiculous it sounds)


elle & josh said…
i love the new lotta jansdotter printing book! glad you got your hands on it, too! :)
rachaeldear said…
ohh man, every day since i've had the book i've actually thought to myself, "I should have a copy of this sent to michelle, she would love this." so i'm glad you got it also!

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