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i think my whole "etsy endeavor" has taken a turn for the awesome. to explain, i've always thought that God speaks to people in their own special languages and in ways that only they can really appreciate, and lately i can back this up wholeheartedly. first, i received an awesome book in the mail on saturday and i've been crazy inspired because of it. that same day, my friend allie bought a bag from me, and when i tried to just give her the bag instead of letting her pay for it, she insisted on paying, stating that she likes to encourage people in their dreams (i really love that girl!) in any way she can. she and her husband mike took some cards i'd had printed up and said they'd help distribute them and that i could probably sell some of my stuff at mike's shows (he plays guitar). super encouraging. later in the conversation, we were talking about how my job isn't guaranteed when i come back from mexico and that i may need to start looking for a new job. allie very encouragingly suggested, "maybe you can do your craft stuff full time!" i swear, when these words came out of her mouth it sounded like God himself talking through her. so the seed was planted then... which brings me to today. at my biblical counseling session, i told the lady i meet with about how i started a little shop on etsy to try and sell things i'd made to make money for mexico. out of the blue, she said the exact same thing allie did, and again, it sounded like God was talking! has anyone else ever experienced this? it gave me chills. it's true, i have always wanted to be able to do something creative and fun for a living, but i never thought i had enough skill or talent or drive. maybe God is challenging me to walk out in faith... a very exciting thought for me.

on to tonight... eric taught me how to do some linoleum carvings, so i gave it a shot and printed an image onto some fabric. this is what i came up with. i may use it as a panel in a tote bag for myself since it's pretty beginner-level, but i'm still pleased with it. hopefully one day i can print my own fabric by the yard!

i also made tags! pretty exciting for me.



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