sigh of relief

finally, all four finals are done. i got three A's and one B, the B being in math, which i hate, so i'm pretty pleased. christmas shopping is over too, thank God. i must say i'm pretty bummed because i had originally planned to make all my gifts this year but then i realized i'd be short on time due to school and had absolutely no idea what to make the guys on my list, so i buckled and shopped. oh well, i think everyone will be pleased with their giftings and that's important to me.

i'm feeling very pleased about school at the moment. i did some calculating and determined that, if i continue taking 4 classes a semester and take two classes each summer term (four in all) that i will graduate spring of 2010. this is a much more specific 'end in sight' for me, so i'm excited. it would be fantastic if i could somehow cram more classes into my schedule and finish earlier but i'm not sure i could handle the stress.

tonight eric and i are going to That Fun Place, which is greenfield's version of chuck e cheese. that's right, we're playing ski-ball and eating pizza and if we're lucky we'll jump in the ball pit. we're such kids sometimes. tomorrow i'm going to my girlfriend allie's house to lunch on pizza and make homemade spa gifts to give to friends and family. i love that girl, we have the same heart in many ways.

next week is christmas! who knew? it creeps up so fast. i'm very excited for christmas eve where eric and i exchange gifts and my family watches movies and drinks holiday beverages and eats finger foods and plays games into the night. best part of the holiday season.

merry christmas, y'all!


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