the battle of dark and light

this photo was taken nearly two years ago at The Peggy Sues' very first show. As you can see, my hair is very dark brown in this picture. i particularly like this picture because i think the darkness of my hair compliments my fair skin and brings out my eyes. before this past spring, my hair had been 'dark' for nearly 8 years straight. i literally had not seen my natural hair color since the year 2000. recently i thought it might be good to give it a rest, so this past spring i got only highlights instead of all-over "brown." truthfully, the highlighted result is much closer to my natural haircolor and i've gotten many compliments on my current hair, which is always nice and appreciated, but... it just doesn't feel like "me." maybe it just became comfortable after 8 years of dark-headedness, but part of me really feels like a brunette... and that part of me feels really weird when i look in the mirror and see blonde.

one thing is for sure. spending $8 on a bottle of colorant from Sally's Beauty Supply and doing it yourself definitely beats paying $100 for someone else to do it for you! i cringe every time i get my hair done at the salon; how on earth can i justify spending such a large amount of money on my HAIR when i have friends who need shoes? the girl who does my hair does an excellent job for sure, don't get me wrong, but i think my priorities need some re-examining...

it's nice to know i'm growing :)


jenny mae. said…
a few months before i got married i stopped dying my hair (i was a harddddcore addict!) it was a good move. one i think you wont regret.
rachaeldear said…
its funny because i think i agree with you and yet i'm such an addict that i'm like, "ok, maybe i can find a dye close to my natural color and cover up these highlights..." it's a transitional process.

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