addiction: crochet and cheez-its

every year around this time i get crazy, cracked-out, pregnant-like cravings for reduced fat cheez-its. it's a little ridiculous. i'm not a snacky person, i like meals and maybe some fruit in between or at least something healthy... you will rarely see me snacking out of a bag of chips or box of cookies. until right about this time... it sounds crazy but my tongue tells me that every single activity i might have an interest in doing will be infinitely more enjoyable if i am eating cheez-its while doing so. sadly, sometimes it's true (insert sad "wah wah waaaah" noise here). of course this isnt helping my figure or my diet. i'm sure my kidneys are pretty pissed at me. i'm currently up to about a half-box a day! i can just see it now: intervention on the A&E channel- "i'm hooked on cheeze crackers"...

a possibly healthier addiction i'm also dealing with is crocheting. i've mentioned it previously but something about fall just makes me want to crank out cozy, handmade items. i've already made a pair of fingerless gloves and started another pair, but tonight i finished a "mobius strip cowl scarf" as i am calling it. it's basically a big crocheted tube with a single twist, hence the mobius reference:

i guess it's a good thing i'm not in the photography business as i once hoped to be... my pictures never turn out great. anyhow... as you can see, the scarf goes around my neck and twists under my chin, just enough to hide it in a coat and keep me cozy. this was sooo easy to make! and i love the green. i plan on making more for gifts... possibly with fingerless gloves to match! wheeee!


Ashley Malefyt said…
It's beautiful. I crochet too - but I was self taught, and can't read patterns, as I don't know what stitches I'm doing! ha. But, it is a lovely past time when I'm looking to relax.

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