Thursday, October 9, 2008

indieana handicraft exchange & new bike

so within the last two years this awesome girl named amanda moved here from chicago, where they have an awesome handmade art event called Renegade Craft Fair. many have heard of it as it has become quite famous, and i've always wanted to go but never wanted to brave the drive to chicago. well, lo and behold, amanda brings to us hoosiers our own craft fair: Indieana Handicraft Exchange. i went last year and was so thrilled about it that i decided to have a booth at this year's event... unfortunately for me, that got put on hold when i became a full-time college student. however, i was bound and determined to get involved somehow, so i emailed amanda and asked her if i could get involved somehow. she put me to work with fliers and word-of-mouth advertising, and this past weekend when the event actually took place, i volunteered by cheerfully ushering patrons to the second gallery and giving vendors bathroom/lunch breaks. it was lots of fun and i'm already psyched for next year.

here's what i bought:

(awesome handknit fingerless gloves)

(orange-ology tea from Herb and Ginger- i bought some of their )apple tea last year too... soo good! they ran out of a special christmas blend but i ordered some anyway... i'm a tea freak)

(a screenprinted bandanna i got for eric from Mythdemeanor!)

(i bought the "love more" and "give more" buttons from Sweetie Pie Press)

i also bought some gingersnap lip balm from In A Lather.

in other news, i can't sleep, i'm battling an addiction to garlic bread, and i bought a new bike:

eric and i will hopefully repaint it and replace the seat and tires, and add a book rack. any paint color suggestions?


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elle + josh said...

light silvery aqua blue.