1) spring break is coming to an end. sad that i didnt get to do anything fantastic, glad that i got to relax.

2) mom is buying me an awesome new futon for birthday, and i may be switching to a new bedroom in the house. i'm a sucker for novelty!

3) i am so sore all the time anymore, i feel like i'm 80. got a massage today and had to sit around for an hour because i felt so rubbery afterwards.

4) AAAALLLMOOST saw built to spill tonight! argh! should have bought tickets yesterday.

5) turned in a scholarship application yesterday to a woman who thus replied, "oh good, i dont think we've had anyone else apply for this one." deadline is tomorrow! fingers crossed!

6) possible trip to the new (much closer!) ikea in west chester, ohio! possibly this weekend! i would die and go to furniture heaven.

7) gave my car a good scrubbin' both inside and out. a nice way to usher in spring.

8) diagnosed with TMJD last week. clicking jaw abounds.

9) bought many good presents for upcoming birthdays from the cancer site/the literacy site. excited to be giving out 'meaningful' gifts to people rather than tacky crap.

10) planning a baby shower for a friend, which is a first for me. should be fun!


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