Pat(s) on the back!

As the title of my post indicates, I am giving myself a good ol' pat on the back for FINALLY overcoming my fear of my pressure cooker (it's ok to laugh) and using it TWICE today!  Not only did I soak some pinto beans overnight, but I soaked a couple cups of black beans earlier today to be used in this healthy and delicious-looking Cheesy Chicken and Rice Bake from (thank you Pinterest for another awesome recipe).  I even snuck in a cup of frozen spinach to take the healthy points up a level.

We shall feast on these leftovers for lunch this week, and I've portioned out my remaining beans for freezer storage.  Whenever I use beans, I like to give myself another pat on the back for discovering how easy and economical it is to buy dried beans, soak, cook, and freeze them instead of buying their canned cousins.  I love saving money, avoiding BPA/sodium from cans, and using dried beans in vintage Ball/Kerr jars as decor in our dining room.

I give myself yet another pat on the back (don't worry, won't make this a habit) for getting SO MUCH DONE today:

  • Got groceries/Christmas gifts from Whole Foods (with discount! Yay!) while dropping hubs off at work
  • Made another batch of baked banana oatmeal cups from previous post
  • Food prep: brown rice, black beans, pinto beans
  • Made above-mentioned Chicken and Rice bake
  • Made another trip to the local grocery for miscellaneous grocery items for the week
  • Made some awesome, cheap homemade Christmas gifts for the ladyfolk in my family, thanks to this tutorial: Peppermint Sugar Scrub (source: Jacolyn Murphy)

Seriously, this gift was so cheap and easy to make.  Of course, I had some help from my Kitchenaid mixer, and I already had these perfectly-sized quilted Ball jars just sitting around from a previous project.  Just need to make a cute label, maybe tie on a nametag, and I'm done.

After I showed my to-do list what's up, I had a little time left over to make a few lunches for the hubs:

Next project: Crochet Knotted Headband from All About Ami.  I am actually psyched to use up some of the yarn stash I've had laying around here for the past few years.

Farewell, productive weekend.  Until we meet again!


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