so this one time three years ago, this boy told me a story about his mom and how she sometimes acts during church. we were standing on the top level of a parking garage-- we still barely knew each other and as he was telling me this story, he grabbed my hand and said,

"sometimes she grabs my hand in the middle of church service... like this."

my thoughts raced and the butterflies in my stomach nearly made me puke, but i somehow managed to find a true Rachael moment in it:

"did you just use that as an excuse to hold my hand?"

"uhh... yeah... heh..."

and that's a good indication of how charmingly things began for us. which brings us to now, to tonight, in which the boy in the photo and the boy in the story are the same, and all of us were together again on the same top level of the same parking garage, in the same spot even... except this time he asked me to marry him.

of course i said yes :)

the lighting's bad and i know you cant really read it on my face, but this boy makes me happier than i ever thought i'd be in this human life. i am so in love with him and who he is and who he's becoming. i'm grateful to God for bringing us together and more than excited to see what He has in store for us...

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Congratulations! How exciting; may God bless your marriage!
elle + josh said…
WOW! josh & i are SO STOKED for you guys! we knew it would happen someday... you guys are the PERFECT match. congratulations! we love you!
Rachel Ann said…
Yea! Congrats! Sounds silly because I don't know you, but I was always waiting for this post. ;) It'll be exciting to see how God blesses your years together.
jenny mae. said…

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