feelin' the pinch.

i was very irritated today to realize that someone had stolen my calculus textbook from my car. at first i thought that someone must be really bored to be stealing textbooks, but when i realized that i'd have to pay $146 to replace the dang thing, i wasn't all that surprised. obviously i haven't been able to keep up with homework or study for quizzes, so i'm not making the best grades, but to make matters worse, money is really tight. i have enough money to buy a new book if i need to, but from here on out, things will be tight and will get tighter. as far as our household, dad still has no work, mom is no longer allowed to work overtime, and i'm more or less living off school loans. i knew the time would come when we'd have to seriously scale back on 'luxuries,' and i've been telling myself that i'd do fine when that time came, but lately i find myself spending money on groceries left and right with raw food experiments and what not. i had to have a semi-revelation recently about how much i spend on things i dont need, which is a lesson that i thought i knew well enough but has proven otherwise. i'm certainly willing to learn and i'm somewhat excited by the challenge of spending ONLY what needs to be spent...

speaking of raw food experiments, i concocted these cookies the other day:

Raw Carob Banana Chewies
equipment needed: food dehydrator
1 banana, mashed
1/8 C raw carob powder
1/4 C raw organic oats
1/2 C chopped walnuts

Mash banana well. Mix in carob until a pudding-like consistency forms. Add oats, mix well. Stir in walnuts. Drop by spoonfulls onto fruit roll tray, drying screen, or dehydrator tray. Dry in food dehydrator at 105 degrees for 6-8 hours or until dry.

these were good but i think i'm going to add in a little more spice next time, maybe some cinnamon or ginger. yum!

i've been eating a 60% raw diet the past three days and aside from some protein issues, it feels pretty awesome. i think smoothies are my new kryptonite, especially with some acai berry puree. today i had raw tacos for lunch (lettuce for shells w/ "taco nut meat", "black pepper cheeze" made from cashews, heirloom tomatoes, and yellow bell peppers. pr'y dang good!


Anonymous said…
Do you believe in miracles?
Rachel Ann said…
I've been in that pinch before...my family is kind of just now maybe sorta getting out of that pinch. I'll pray for you.
rachaeldear said…
paul- i most certainly believe in the miraculous workings of God!

Rachel ann- glad your family is getting out of the pinch! and thanks for the prayers :)

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